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03 Composite Barrels

03 Composite Casseroles

03 High Body Juice Pot

03 Short Body Juice Pot

03 Staninless Steel Short Body Juice Pot


04 Composite Casseroles

04 Short Body Juice Pot

04 Style High Body Juice Pot

04 Type Composite Bucket

1 Tank 1 Basket Electric Fryer

1 Tank Electric Pasts Cooker

10 years of foreign trade experience

2 Pan Electric Bain Marie

2 Tank Oden Cooker

2 Tank& 2 Bakkst Electric Fryer

2 Tank& 2 Bakkst Gas Fryer

3 Layers Lab Utility Cart

3 Pan Electric Bain Marie

4 Pan Electric Bain Marie

6 Pan Electric Sell Dinner Table

6 Pan Electric Sell Meal Table

8 Line Stainless Steel Eggbeter

Adjustable Under Shelf

Big Stainless Steel Tableware( with S/ S Lid)

Big Stainless Steel Tablewre

Boutique Steamer

Breadstivks Electric Fryer

Cabinet Type Four Basket Electric Pasta Cooker

Cabinet Type Four Basket Gas-fired Pasta Cooker


Chef's Classic Stainless Steel Cookware Collection


Commercial Food Warmer

Commercial Metal Workbench

Computer Pizza Oven ( Single Layer)

Coumper Pizza Oven(double Layer)

Deep Stainless Steel Serving Tray

Desktop Six Basket Electric Pasta Cooker

Dissamble Plastic Collecting Cart


Double bottom non-stick frying pan

Double Bottom Sanded Frying Pan

Double Bottom Seafood Plate

Double Layer Densified Stainless Steel Insulation Barrel - Containing Silicone

Double Layer Densified Stainless Steel Insulation Barrel - No Silicone

Double-row Flateare Box

Double-row Stainless Steel Flateare Box

Eight-Layers Stainless Steel Steam Rack

Electric Flat Griddle

Electric Flat Griidle

Electric Heating Steam Ladle Furnace

Electric Pasta& Oden Cooker

Electric Thermostatic Bucket

Elliptical Fiberglass Pan

European Stainless Steel Sanding Frying Pan

Flatware Incubator

Four Basket Electric Steamer Warmer

Fries Groove


Gas Flat Griddle

Gas Half Flat &groove Griddle

Gas Half Flat&groove Griddle

Gastronorm Pan

Gray/black Color Plastic Board Three-layers Trolley

Hand-Held Stainless Steel Soup Basket

High quality


Hot Dog Gril

Induction Cookware

Insulated Rice Bucket

Juice Bucket(Cold & Hot)



Lid for Parties

Line Stainless Steel Egggbeter

Lockable Universal Wheels

Mandarin Duck Mother Pot

Measuring Cup

Measuring Spoon

Medical Cart

Non Sticky Thickened Frying Pan

NSF Certified

Oblique Style Straight Stainless Steel Milktea Pail(holder ears)

Oblique Style Straight Stainless Steel Milktea Pail(holder)

Pizza Oven ( Single Layer)

Plastic And Steel Seasoning Container

Plastic Board Hand Trollry ( Folding Style)

Plastic Board Three-layers Trolley(round Tude)

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